Is Paris Burning?

The answer is yes, but if you want to get confirmation of it from the mainstream media, you’ll have to go digging for it.

As far as I can tell, three teenaged Muslim boys were hiding from the police (who apparently weren’t even looking for them) ducked into a power substation. They touched something they shouldn’t have, and two were killed. The third was seriously injured.

Lacking anything better to do, the Muslim community in and around Paris has decided to rise up and strike back. Naturally, since three kids with guilty fears did something stupid, it’s the police’s fault. And if it’s the police’s fault, then it’s the government’s fault, too.

This has been brewing for a long, long time. France’s population of Muslim immigrants has been growing steadily for years, and the immigrants have refused to assimilate. Instead, they’ve established their own enclaves within France, where they hold sway and non-Muslims fear to enter. They are becoming a society surrounded by, but not part of, their neighbors.

And now they are feeling their oats, as they demonstrate their power and determination.

I’ve never been that fond of the French, and there’s a part of me that feels a touch of schadenfreude at their problems now. But my mother always said that everyone in life serves a purpose, even if it’s just to be a bad example. And France is showing the rest of the world the dangers of allowing unrestricted immigration by a people determined to re-create their own society and culture, in utter disdain and defiance of their hosts.

But will anyone listen?

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