The Alito Nomination In Quotes

I’ll be rounding up and sharing quotes about the nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. to the Supreme Court throughout the day.

  • Senator John McCain (R-AZ): “[Judge Alito] Has a very good temperament. … He’s very smart, and has impressed a lot of people. The President said he was going to appoint somebody who is conservative, and that’s the way he campaigned, and that’s what we have here. I think he’s very highly regarded.
  • Senator Harry Reid (D-NV): “I am disappointed in this choice for several reasons. First, unlike previous nominations, this one was not the product of consultation with Senate Democrats… I look forward to meeting Judge Alito and learning why those who want to pack the Court with judicial activists are so much more enthusiastic about him than they were about Harriet Miers.”
  • Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC)
  • : “[F]ilibuster will not stand.

  • Ankle Biting Pundits: “Alito It Is: Bush Hits His Mulligan 300 Yards In The Middle Of The Fairway
  • Pejman Yousefzadeh: “Judge Samuel Alito is everything that Harriet Miers is not.
  • David Bernstein: “A Catholic Majority on the Court? There will be, if Alito is confirmed. This is an extraordinary development. It was, let’s recall, only forty-five years ago that JFK’s Catholicism was a major issue in a presidential campaign.
  • John Hinderacker: “[T]he most helpful Alito opinions won’t be found in well-trodden areas like abortion. Rather, what will be interesting is how Alito has ruled–and, equally important, what his reasoning processes have been–where there is no controlling or highly relevant Supreme Court precedent. It is when writing on a relatively blank slate (in law, the slate is rarely completely blank) that Alito, or any judge, will provide the most clues as to what sort of a Supreme Court justice he would be.
  • Moxie: “I told a number of friends weeks ago that Bush nominated Miers hoping she’d get through but if she didn’t he’d spank the liberals with a really conservative follow-up pick and say, ‘how you like me now?’
  • Chad Evans: “What though is radical about a judge who was unanimously supported in 1980 by a Democratic Senate? I suppose things have changed in 25 years, and we the American public are led to believe Alito is the only one who has changed and not the lifeblood of the Democratic Party.
  • Glenn Reynolds: “I spoke to a colleague in the hallway a few minutes ago who has argued before Alito and likes him. He said Alito was way too conservative for his taste (not surprising), but that Alito is fair and smart. He thinks Alito is a lot like John Roberts as a pick.
  • Sploid: Freakin’ Nazi
  • Marshall Whittman: “The Alito nomination is evidence that Mr. Rove is once again riding high in the saddle. The Rovian solution to all of the Administration woes is a to give a hot-button treat to the base and attempt to trick the Democrats into alienating swing traditionalist values voters. Meanwhile, folks will ask, ‘Scooter who?’.
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