…And a snow-white pillow for my big fat head

Last week was a rather odd time for me. Work was hell (I got in nearly 40 hours, which may not sound like much, but it was crammed into 4 days), but while the day job got worse and worse, my blogging “career” saw some rather significant milestones.

First, I received a highly favorable comment on one of my postings. While that alone would have been enough an ego boost, when it turned out to have been from the near-legendary Chris Muir, I was promptly sent into orbit. We exchanged a few e-mails, ones that basically patted each other on the back, and he sent me an “autographed” (by the character) picture of Sam in a bikini. Best damned reward I’ve yet to receive.

Next, I had my first “interview” with a member of the mainstream press. I’d mentioned California Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham in relation to the idea of naming warships (or anything else) for someone while they are still alive. Somehow, that piece came to the attention of San Diego Union-Tribune Columnist Logan Jenkins, who has apparently been a burr under Cunningham’s saddle for some time now. He e-mailed me to ask for an interview, and I spent about ten minutes talking with him about it. Like all good interviews I’ve heard about, I learned as much from him as he did from me. He used my piece and comments as a jumping-off point for his own.

In essence, he took my basic notion and ran with it in a completely different direction, one which I simply couldn’t. Instead of going into a historical context, he went straight to the horse’s mouth and called up James Cobb, the author of the books starring Cunningham’s namesake warship, and got his take on the matter, too.

I’m not that thrilled with the tone of Jenkins’ piece, but 1) it IS an opinion piece, B) he added a hell of a lot more to the story than I could have, and did it well; and III) he spelled my name right — that’s a major plus in my book.

Finally, a long-time occasional sparring partner of mine in the blogosphere finally got fed up with the continual slapping around he’d been receiving and called it quits. I wish I could claim sole credit for this achievement, but Boyd is certainly entitled to his share of the credit — quite possible more than half of it. Further, it didn’t “take” — his retirement didn’t even last a week.

In retrospect, I was kind of saddened when he hung it up — whenever I found myself needing to jump-start my outrage, I’d meander over to his page (or another where he tended to cross-post) and usually find something worth shredding. But it was a brief thrill, to feel that sense of victory.

I guess I’m just lucky the day job (the one that pays the bills) is going so lousy right now, and my social life is still non-existent. Otherwise, I just might be completely and utterly insufferable.

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