"I'm gonna sue you for not stopping me!"

For several reasons (some of them quite good), I don’t drink at all. I’m a complete teetotaler. None of those issues are moral ones, but I’ve never had any patience for the “it wasn’t my fault, I was drunk” defense. Unless you were held down and had the booze forced down your throat, you made the decision to drink, and therefore you get to enjoy all the benefits and consequences thereof.

That’s why I get so incensed when I read about stories like this. Robert Nunez was 19 when he got a fake ID and went drinking in Saugus, MA. After getting well and truly hammered, he drove off without buckling his seat belt. He slammed into another car, leaving him paralyzed. He’s suing one of the places he drank at that night.

Nunez’ case does have a few odd things about it. The place that served him had previously employed him, and most likely knew he was underage. It’s also alleged that he wasn’t charged for his food and drink, giving more credence to the argument that they willfully broke the law for him.

But after leaving there, he went home for a bit, then went out again to a second place. It was after leaving there that he crashed.

Yeah, the places that served him ought to be in some serious trouble. But the whole thing was literally his fault. HE chose to get the fake ID. HE used a pilfered “Over 21” bracelet. HE ordered the drinks. HE chose to drive himself home, then out to another place and then drive off again.

He made some very stupid decisions, as did the two places that served him. But I think it’s fair to lay at least 95% of the blame for the whole thing right at his own feet. And I’d like to see his lawsuit tossed out, based on that fact.

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