A completely foreseeable tragedy

As the remnants of Hurricane Wilma slammed New England the last couple of days, most of us hunkered down and rode it out. My main problem was a few unplanned lane-changes on the highway from severe crosswinds.

But the storm — a real “nor’easter” — was a bit harsher on our seacoast. Smart people took precautions. Average people toughed it out. The rest suffered a bit.

And one particular fellow died.

At the height of the storm, with high winds, 20-foot waves, and cold rains, 23-year-old Tony Gigliotti got good and hammered at a party, then decided it was a splendid opportunity to go body-surfing. So he ventured out into the dark, into 53-degree ocean water, and decided to test himself against Mother Nature. In cases like this, Mother Nature rarely loses.

Not every stupid decision will get you killed. Lord knows I’ve had my share of close calls, when I found myself shaking afterwards and wondering “what the HELL was I thinking?” But every single one of them can be.

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