Is Andrew Heyward The Fall Guy In Mary Mapes New Book?

David Bauder’s AP report on the ouster of CBS News President Andrew Heyward contains an interesting tidbit about the curious timing of the announcement (emphasis added):.

NEW YORK (AP) — CBS announced Wednesday it is replacing embattled CBS News President Andrew Heyward with Sean McManus, chief of CBS Sports, who will keep both jobs.

Heyward served more than 10 years as head of the legendary news division, and it was a surprise to many in the industry when he kept his job in the fallout from the network’s botched investigation into President Bush’s National Guard service.

…CBS News’ reputation took a severe hit with last September’s pre-election story critical of Bush’s military service after an independent panel found the network rushed the story onto the air without ever proving that documents upon which it was based were real. Three news executives were forced to resign and the piece’s producer, Mary Mapes, was fired.

McManus will take over as news chief on Nov. 7, one day after Mapes’ book on the episode is due to be published.Mapes’ book (Truth and Duty : The Press, the President, and the Privilege of Power ) already promises to be an interesting read, in as much as she appears determined to defend the indefensible, but if it’s part of today’s Heyward being shown the door story then it’s probably a must read.

Too bad Mapes book won’t be coming out in the summer time though – I’m always looking for good fiction to read at the beach..

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