Yet another reason I'm so grateful I don't have kids

With the increased awareness of sexual predators out there, and the mandatory registering and reporting going on, it’s become a lot easier to find out just how many of these scum live around you. And with the explosion of information going on, especially through the internet, this development was, in retrospect, inevitable…

And terrifying.

Just plug in your address (or, for that matter, any address) and, if your state is one of the 37 states and DC that put the information online) and you can get a map showing you the location of all the sex offenders within a certain radius (which appears to be about one mile). Click on the “pin” indicating them, and you get their address and a mug shot (at least for New Hampshire), as well as a link giving more details as to their offense.

Just for grins, I plugged in my own address (deep in the heart of the ‘hood of Manchester, NH) and started counting. I lost count at 75 — including one right next door, and another across the street and a couple buildings down. My best friend, who has an eight-year-old stepdaughter, has maybe five, and none within half a mile.

The backers of the site hope to have another seven states added by the end of the year, and two more by next July. The only problem states are Pennsylvania (where only sexually violent predators are required to register, as opposed to all sex offenders), and three states that don’t require sex offenders to register — South Dakota, Utah, and Vermont.
Of course, this being such an incredibly useful tool for parents to protect their children against established predators, one should expect the ACLU to act soon to shut it down.

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