The pride and the passion

Recently, I got into the latest (and probably last) dust-up with a poster over at another site. Apparently I infuriated and exasperated him so badly, he not only gave up guest-posting at that site, but is taking a hiatus from his own. His host gave him a hearty farewell, praising his “passion.”

That got me thinking. I happen to think that “passion” is an over-rated quality, especially in blogging. This guy had very strong feelings about quite a few issues, and if anyone had the nerve to challenge him (let alone prove him wrong), he’d get incredibly bent out of shape. Personal attacks, profanities, and utter non sequiturs would start flying, as he’d work himself into a righteous dither. Unfortunately for him, it was all heat and no light, as he was regularly unable to defend his positions.

When one gets as “passionate” about matters as this guy did, it quickly becomes far less about the facts and far more about defending oneself — and attacking those who dare question you. And what happens when you’re wrong? At what point does reason triumph and the passionate one separate himself from the losing issue?

I’m gonna miss having him to smack around on occasion, but I think I’ll survive his absence. And he’s still welcome to comment here.

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