PlameGate – No News Is Still News

Another week goes with no news from Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald in the investigation into the Valerie Plame leak case. Just because there’s no hard news, that has stopped speculation from running rampant.

  • Did Google out Valerie Plame? Perhaps Scooter Libby’s assertion that he learned of Plame via a reporter was true. To my knowledge he never said that he learned of her via a conversation. This Los Angeles Time article shows just how plugged in Libby was. As we’ve shown in the past Plame’s name and her relation to Joseph Wilson were hardly a secret..
  • In a profile on the investigation, which is about as good of a short summary as you’re going to find, The Washington Post reports that Robert Novak was a cooperating witness – something long suspected, but never verified.
  • The Wall Street Journal highlights one ironic twist of the whole affair,

    Mr. Wilson’s original claims about what he found on a CIA trip to Africa, what he told the CIA about it, and even why he was sent on the mission have since been discredited. What a bizarre irony it would be if what began as a politically motivated lie by Mr. Wilson nonetheless leads to indictments of Bush Administration officials for telling reporters the truth.

  • Update: Perhaps Google was not Libby’s source after all. The New York Times reports that Libby learned of Plame via Cheney who was told of her involvement by CIA Director George Tenet.

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