Myth busting

A couple of bloggers I read regularly have linked to this video today. It’s from the TV show “Scare Tactics,” where people are subjected to rather disturbing practical jokes designed to terrify the hell out of them.

In this episode, a PETA activist is hired to clean up a medical lab. He’s told that the previous occupants had performed genetic experiments, and… well, see for yourself — if it’s working, that is.

The only problem is, it’s a fake. And a bad one.

In the opening, the titles say that the fake lab is in “Chatsworth, New Hampshire.” There IS NO CHATSWORTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE.

I thought there wasn’t, so I checked Yahoo! Maps. No dice. The same with Google Maps. Then I checked Google Earth, and struck out there, too. Finally, I went to the New Hampshire State government’s web site and checked the list of municipalities — we have a Chatham, but no Chatsworth. And I sincerely doubt Chatham has a medical lab — the town has less than 300 residents, and it’s so small that the town’s offices are actually in the next town of Center Conway.

It’s still a pretty funny video (if you can get it to work). But don’t for an instant think it’s real.

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