Go Sox!

I’ve always had an incredible apathy for sports. No real interest whatsoever. So as we approach the World Series, I find myself wondering if I really should bother “pulling” for one team or another.

That makes me a bit of an oddball. Kevin is a regular contributor to SportsBlog, for one.

And Laurence Simon, who I consider an online friend(partly under the theory of “keep the crazy guy liking you), is a die-hard Astros fan. So, naturally, that means I have to support the Sox.

I don’t give a hoot about the game itself, but I am concerned about the game’s larger consequences.

I like Lair’s writing. I hit his site several times a day, and he almost always has something new and/or outrageous to read. His “Les. Vs. The Lesbians” story/podcast is a classic, and his “Ask The Cats” is always fun.

But Lair is at his best when he’s angry. His rants are legendary. He was the original author of the post–9/11 “We’re Crazier Than You.”

So Lair, who loves the Astros, would be ecstatic if they won the World Series on their first appearance ever. And a happy Lair is, I fear, a boring one. Whereas if the Astros lose, Lair will be so embittered and infuriated that we should be assured several months’ worth of his brutal anger.

But I also have a stellar record for picking losers in sports contests. Last fall, at every opportunity, I predicted the Red Sox would lose — and as I recall, from the instant I started doing that, they didn’t lose another game. So my rooting for the White Sox could quite possibly be the best possible thing for the Astros.

Either way, in just a short time, we will be spared the horrifying sight of a Dancing Conservative Jew — a terrible affliction that is, apparently, contagious. At least, until next spring.

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