Democratic Senators Who Live In Glass Houses…

Probably shouldn’t throw stones…

Never mind that New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who (back when he was Congressman Schumer) was one of only 56 Representatives to vote against the Intelligence Identities Protection Act that’s at the center of the Plame case…

No, today Sen. Schumer is demanding answers from the White House over an anonymously sourced New York Daily News article alleging that President Bush knew of Karl Rove’s involvement in the “outing” of CIA operative Valerie Plame sometime in 2003. The story doesn’t allege that Bush knew of Rove’s conversations beforehand, only that he was furious with Rove’s handling of the situation. In that regards, the story doesn’t move the collective knowledge of the Plame affair forward in any way – regardless of how much bloggers want to project into it

Schumer writes, “In light of these reports, I urge you to make public the details of Mr. Rove’s involvement, your understanding of that involvement, and an explanation as to why Mr. Rove was neither dismissed nor his security clearance revoked when you learned of his participation in the Plame affair.

What’s so shockingly hypocritical about Schumer statement is that he has yet to address the exact same questions about his involvement in the case of two of his Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee staffers who admitted to illegally obtaining the credit report of Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele in July 2005.

The two DSCC staffers (since fired) used Mr. Steele’s Social Security number to obtain his credit records, reportedly seeking evidence of damaging debts. The first black elected to statewide office in Maryland, Mr. Steele is set to announce his candidacy next week for the Senate seat being vacated by Paul Sarbanes in 2006.

The incident, first reported Sept. 20 by the Associated Press, has lead to felony investigation by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney in Washington.

Other than characterizing it as an “isolated incident,” Schumer has refused all comment (and requests for documentation) related to the incident.

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