Governor Blanco Addresses Hot Air Shortage in Louisiana

Almost two months after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the state, Governor Kathleen Blanco sought today to address the shortage of Advisory Boards, Task Forces, Steering Committees, Rebuilding Commissions, Advisory Panels and Blue Ribbon Committees in Louisiana.

Blanco names Louisiana Recovery Authority members

Gov. Kathleen Blanco this morning announced the creation of the Louisiana Recovery Authority to help lead the state’s rebuilding efforts following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The authority will be led by Dr. Norman Francis, president of Xavier University, and New Orleans native and media executive Walter Isaacson. The governor’s former chief of staff, Andy Kopplin, will serve as the executive director. …

Three weeks ago, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin announced a 17-member business commission to “advise, assist plan and help the city of New Orleans as it makes recommendations” for rebuilding New Orleans.

In addition to the Mayor’s commission, the Recovery Authority will also be joined by the Executive Committee named by the New Orleans City Council and the Advisory Panel named by the Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu to help New Orleanians address the hot air shortage.

Officials say that without these boards, hot air rationing was almost inevitable. “The Hurricane blew away all the hot air” said one member of the governor’s staff “Kathleen was in tears knowing that our people were suffering without the basics like hot air.”

Seven weeks after the storm, residents are wondering what took the hot air relief so long, “I’ve had to clean up my own house and have been trying to reopen my business without anyone in government blowing any hot air” said one frustrated business owner, “How can we rebuild the city without enough committees?”

Other residents see it as addressing only one of many needs, “We do have a shortage of hot air,” said New Orleans based blooger blogger Paul of “but the real question is, ‘Can these guys swing a hammer?'”

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