AP Photo Editors Spin On The Iraqi Vote

In an article (Sunni Turnout High at Iraqi Charter Vote) noting high Sunni turnout; little violence; and the most peaceful day in months; here’s what AP photo editors saw as the story of today’s historic draft constitution vote in Iraq.

(AP) An Iraqi woman grieves next to the body of her 6 year old daughter killed by a car bomb in Samarra,…
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(AP) Kurdish referendum officials count votes during a power failure in Irbil, Iraq, Saturday, Oct. 15….
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(AP) Iraqi army soldiers lead blindfolded prisoners in Baqouba, 60 kilometers (35 miles ) northwest of…
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Power outage, insurgent death, and prisoners – that’s how AP see’s it. You’ve got to work pretty hard to spin the story of one of the greatest days in Iraq’s history – a day when all groups embraced the democratic process – that negatively. Heck, they even had to go back to a October 3, 2005 picture to get their prisoner shot. What that photo has to do with the election is not explained…

Iraqis should be giving AP Photo Editors the finger!

An Iraqi woman shows her ink-stained finger after voting at polling station in Baghdad's Sadr city neighborhood. Iraqis voted in force on a draft constitution that turns another page on the ousted regime of Saddam Hussein amid a general calm.(AFP/Ahmad al-Rubaye)
(© AFP/Ahmad al-Rubaye)

Update: Jeff Goldstein rounds up the headline and opening paragraphs of a variety of new sources (with a few usual suspects added for good measure) covering the Iraq vote.

I gotta try this "it was just a metaphor" excuse some time...
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