A grave blow to New Hampshire culture

Someone has committed a horrible, horrible crime in New Hampshire. They have struck a grave blow against the state, grievously wounded our culture and our appreciation of the arts. I am not certain if life is worth living any more.

New Hampshire’s shining paragon of progress has fallen victim to a vile criminal. Some degenerate animal has tried to burn down our only strip club.

I admit I’ve visited there on occasion. Heck, I even got half a posting out of the place. But while financial constraints, among other reasons, kept me from going there in a while, I still felt better knowing it was there — kinda like a kid who knows his blanky is neatly folded up in the bottom drawer.

I hope they catch this foul villain, and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. Woe to any who would dare threaten our appreciation of Music and Dance.

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