Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ generated many memorable captions. Judging was conducted in between session of inconsolable infant crying, so even a short humor respite was sincerely appreciated by the judge. Here are the winning entries for this picture:

Mass viewing : People wear special glasses to watch the annular eclipse of the sun at the Planetarium in Madrid. (AFP/Philippe Desmazes)

1) (Weegie) – “The Nobel Peace Prize committee, and the winning team of the IAEA and Mohamed ElBaradei joyfully kick off the prize celebration by watching the first Iranian nuclear explosion over Israel.

2) (tacitblue) – “The poster for Forty Year Old Virgin 2: Virgins Unite

3) (Laurence Simon) – “Michael Jackson prepares to film a new Pepsi commercial.

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Honorable Mention

4) (Tom Blogical) – “Where’s the KA-Boom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering KA-Boom!

5) (Margo Demers) – “Using modern technology, wishful thinking and special rose-colored glasses, hundreds of liberals watch a re-broadcast of the 2000 election results. AlGore wins.

6) (Brian) – “This crowd required sunglasses to shield their eyes from the sheer brilliance of the Miers nomination.

The Shameless Suckup Award goes to bullwinkle for this entry:

As the worlds brightest blog’s popularity continues to grow internationally thousands of Europeans don their protective eyewear to experience their first Wizbang.

Until next Friday…

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