Better watch out, Kevin…

The three of us who write for Wizbang! are pretty much scattered around the country . Kevin lives in Virginia, Paul in New Orleans, and I live in New Hampshire.

A litte over a month ago, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Paul got out in time, and he got off comparatively lucky — his losses will be around five figures.

Then, this weekend, New Hampshire got rained on nearly all weekend. We’re fine here in Manchester, but the southwestern corner got nailed hard — up to a foot of rain. There was a LOT of flooding and other water damage, roads were washed out, bridges were washed away, dams overflowed and threatened to burst, and at least two people were killed. The Weekend Pundit was all over it, and so were our local media.

But that’s two of us. Kevin, be careful around the water, OK?

No bad deed goes unrewarded
If it looks too good to be true...


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