The 10 Spot – News Roundup Edition

  1. Investigators searching for missing VCU student Taylor Marie Behl have found a body. [WUSA9]
  2. FEMA’s Next Crisis: Katrina’s Homeless – [WSJ]
  3. Espionage case suggests White House security problems – [ABC]
  4. The US Senate passed a measure as part of Defense spending bill that codifies standards for the treatment of detainees by the US military. – [Mudville Gazette]
  5. “Ten commandments” judge Roy Moore is running for governor in Alabama – [Stop the ACLU]
  6. There are some problems with Human Rights Watch’s new report regarding prison abuse. – [Sexion]
  7. In the absence of actual details, bloggers are speculating on the wording in a Reuters article about the wait for results in the Valerie Plame case. [Reuters]
  8. California will no longer pay for Viagra for sex offenders. – [CNN]
  9. Senator Sam Brownback holds the key to Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers’ fate. – [MSNBC]
  10. Investigators have cleared paparazzi in Lindsay Lohan’s latest accident. Perhaps this has something to do with it… – [LA Times]

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