Signs of progress among radical Islam

One of the uglier elements of radical Islam is the thoroughly-despicable practice of “honor killing.” It’s the idea that if a member of a family does something to bring “dishonor” or “shame” upon them, they can redeem their honor by killing that person.

I’ve always heard of it in relation to women — especially those who happen to go against the family’s wishes in major matters. Dating or marrying the wrong man, leaving the Muslim faith, and the like. It’s a particularly brutal form of female oppression.

But that may be changing. In England, we have the story of a young Muslim couple. They were both 19, and in love. Their families didn’t approve, which made it that much more exciting. She was defying an arranged marriage to be with her lover, and that was even better. And when things progressed as they often do and she became pregnant, both families were incensed.

The girl’s family was so outraged, they resorted to the “honor killing” route to redeem their shame. They tried to kill her, but she escaped.

This is where we get signs of progress. With their daughter safely in the hands of the authorities, they decided to kill the father of her unborn child. And this time they succeeded — the girl’s father and two brothers are being charged with murder.

That’s right. Here we have a bit of equality of the sexes in radical Islam. Others may say that the man was only killed because the woman was out of their reach, but I look at the glass as half-full. Both parties were punished for their misdeeds, and it was only by a quirk of fate (and the intervention of police) that the woman’s punishment was less severe.

Some day the name of Manna Begum will stand beside the names of Susan B. Anthony, Golda Mier, Amelia Earhart, and Sandra Day O’Connor of great female groundbreakers.

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