Manic-depressive blogging

Over time, I’ve developed a pattern to my postings here. I try to write at least three pieces a day, all before work. I publish one immediately, and set the others to go out during the day to keep the site “fresh.” I haven’t always succeeded, but I think in the last year or so I’ve only missed one or two days entirely.

But recently, I’ve been in a bit of a funk. Due to some rather unpleasant personal and financial circumstances, I’ve been feeling out of sorts. And I’ve been reacting to them in my time-honored fashion of ignoring them and hoping they’ll go away.

As part of my “cocooning” (as a friend christened it), I took a little bit of time away from Wizbang over the weekend. I think on Sunday I only posted one piece.

But yesterday I found that I could just as easily hide from my problems by blogging as doing nothing, and I whipped out half a dozen pieces.

So for a little while, it very well could be “feast or famine” around here for postings of mine. I figure half the time I’ll please my supporters, and the other half will be good times for my critics. I always try to strike a happy balance.

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