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A little over a week ago, I wrote about “Facebook,” a web site where high school and college students can come together, find out about each other, and exchange ideas. (I refuse to use the buzzword “network.”) At that time, I pointed out just how stupid it was for students to post such things as their devotion to pot on the site, not knowing just who might end up looking at it — especially since it uses their real names.

Apparently I underestimated the stupidity of college students. I didn’t think that was possible, but it is.

Cameron Walker is a sophomore at Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts. He’s also president of the Student Government Association. And he’s not that thrilled with a certain campus police officer.

In fact, he’s so un-thrilled that he used Facebook to post a petition to get rid of the officer. And if that failed, he called for students to watch the officer for any violations, and even to “set him up” and get him fired.

By some amazing twist of fate that absolutely no one could have foreseen, the college administration found out about Mr. Walker’s Facebook activities. And in an incredibly brutal miscarriage of justice, decided that his efforts to deprive the officer of his job (by hook or by crook) just might constitute a violation of their harassment policy, and expelled him. (Yes, I’m being extremely sarcastic.)

One is supposed to go to college to learn things, and Mr. Walker has learned an extremely valuable lesson: if you say things publicly such as ”Either we get a petition going [we need at least 500 signatures] or we try and set him up. He’s got to do something wrong, in either case, he’s gotta foul up at some point . . . anyone willing to get arrested?” and “the officer ”loves to antagonize students . . . and needs to be eliminated,” there is a very good chance that people will take you at your word, and react appropriately.

Well, maybe he hasn’t learned it yet. He’s talking with lawyers and the ACLU about his case.

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