Utterly unqualified analysis of the Miers nomination

OK, now that all the professionals have had their say about Harriet Miers’ nomination to the Supreme Court, it’s time for a rank amateur to step up to the plate.

First, when I heard that she was unmarried, I immediately flashed back to the Clinton administration and such notables as Janet Reno and Donna Shalala. I wondered how long it would take the Left to start calling her a lesbian. (I wish I’d been as quick-witted as some I heard on the radio, who speculated that Bush had done it “to get a date for David Souter.”)

Next, I heard Bush’s news conference today. His main rationale in asking for support for her seemed to be “trust me.”

Mr. President, I’ve supported you on a LOT of issues. I’ve taken my share of crap about it, and I’ve never complained. But there are a few places I won’t stick up for you. The first is your abandonment of the issue of border security. The second is your spending our money like a drunken Kennedy (but I repeat myself). And the third one is your judgment of other people.

To cite three examples: appointing Michael Brown head of FEMA without discovering he had padded his resume’; naming and keeping Leon Panetta (Correction: Norm Minetta — thanks, numerous readers) on as Secretary of Transportation; and your saying “you’ve looked into Vladimir Putin’s soul” and trusting him. Sorry, sir, but three strikes and you’re out. I don’t feel I can rely solely on your sense of personal judgment about other people.

The only way I can see myself applauding Ms. Miers’ nomination to the Supreme Court is if she turns out to be what Ann Coulter called a “Potemkin nominee,” a concept I inadvertently plagiarized when I suggested Ms. Coulter herself be nominated to fill Justice O’Connor’s robes.

The idea of Ms. Miers taking this amazing opportunity to, in the true Born-Again Christian sense, “testify” and “speak truth to power” warms the very cockles of my heart, and would most likely radically energize both parties — the Right, for seeing someone finally stand up and denounce some of the most contemptible people in politics today (“Senator Bird, please pick up the Whites-Only Courtesy Phone — Senator Kennedy seems to have misplaced his car again, and needs a dry set of clothing”), and the Left for seeing Bush toss all pretense of “civility” and “decorum” and “resort to gutter politics” on one of the most serious matters about our nation’s future.

For the very reason I would love seeing it, though, I can pretty much count on that never happening.

So I’m gonna just sit back and let other people kick around the Miers nomination, much like I’m taking a “wait and see” attitude towards the Tom DeLay mess — but with a slight academic fascination, unlike my utter disinterest in DeLay’s travails.

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