Bush Picks Harriet Miers For Supreme Court

President Bush announces his nomination of White House counsel Harriet Miers, left, to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington Monday, Oct. 3, 2005. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)
(AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

Confirm Them is not thrilled.

Neither am I.

Here’s a bio.

Official announcement coming at 8 a.m.

Update: Sorry about doubling up on the entries there. Didn’t realize Jay beat me to it.

Think Progress calls Miers the “ultimate loyalist,” and points to this piece from David Frum.

Bush is speaking now (Update: Transcript here.)

Update 2: I blogged the statements from Bush and Miers, here. The part that struck me, from Bush:

“I’ve known Harriet Miers for more than a decade. I know her heart and I know her mind.”

Bush is asking us to trust him on this, big-time. I and many others wish we had much more than that to go on.

Krempasky notes Miers’, errr, diverse political contributions.

I wonder if that’s the type of diversity Dems were referring to?

Update 3: John at PowerLine says the pick is a disappointment, but is giving Miers the benefit of the doubt.

Update 4: JunkYardBlog has thoughts on Miers’ political donations and the charge of cronyism. And, Ace wonders if Miers isn’t part of another clever Rovian strategy.

Update 5: David Berstein at Volokh Conspiracy wonders if Bush’s first priority is not to appoint originalist judges, but judges who are likely to uphold exercises of executive power, which Bush sees as part of his legacy in fighting the War on Terror.

This thought in the comments at Confirm Them says what most conservatives are thinking:

Looks like BUSH was the ULTIMATE Stealth Candidate.

Update 6: On the lighter side of things, Hugh Hewitt says Miers was a War on Terror pick, and that we should trust Bush. And, Leonard Leo is excited about the pick.

Jay Sekulow likes Miers, too.

Update 7: Tim Chapman predicts how the White House spin will unfold in light of less-than-lukewarm reviews from conservatives. He also notes the disturbingly mild reactions from top Dems. (Broken links fixed. My bad.)

Update 8: Ankle Biting Pundits asks– is this what we fought for? John Hawkins goes all out and calls Harriet Miers “a disaster.”

The statement from the Third Branch Conference, a group of more than 150 conservative organizations:

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“The reaction of many conservatives today will be that the president has made possibly the most unqualified choice since Abe Fortas who had been the president’s lawyer. The nomination of a nominee with no judicial record is a significant failure for the advisors that the White House gathered around it. However, the president deserves the benefit of a doubt, the nominee deserves the benefit of hearings, and every nominee deserves an up or down vote. Something has been left unachieved by the Miers nomination. A Republican president has yet to erase the stigma of the Robert Bork hearings and the David Souter nomination. The nomination of Harriet Miers has not rid us of the repugnant situation that a jurist with a clear and distinguished record will not be nominated for higher service. The nomination did not rid us of the apprehension of stealth nominees. We congratulate Ms. Miers.”
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Wizbang news flash: Bush to nominate Miers to Supreme Court


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