The silver lining in the illegal alien problem

I’ve always said that illegal aliens end up causing more problems and costing us more than any benefit we might gain. But then I read this story over at CNN’s page, and it’s got me reconsidering the matter.

Apparently, around southern Georgia, a couple of serial killers are at work. So far five deaths have been linked to them, but police have few leads.

It seems that they are targeting illegal aliens. They know that the aliens are on the fringes of society, not likely to go to police or cooperate with them. Further, they tend to not have bank accounts, meaning that any money they possess will likely be on or near them, making the murders more profitable.

So here we see the illegal alien population is actually providing a valuable service — they are keeping the serial killers from preying on Americans and legal visitors to our shores.

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Just in case anyone missed the category tag, the above is satire. But I wrote it to make a point — with the system as broken as it currently is, we have created a whole group of people who are, as the article describes, “ready-made victims.” This is most often brought up in an economic context, where they are exploited by unscrupulous employers. But now we see that taken to the next step, where criminals are realizing just how easy it is to prey on these people.

The only sane response is to get rid of the millions of illegal aliens currently in the United States. And the only way I can see to do that is a multi-step solution:

1) Rigorous — perhaps even draconian — enforcement of current laws. ANY illegal alien caught in the United States should be departed as fast as humanly possible. No releasing on bail/bond/whatever, and a hugely streamlined process.

2) Open assault on the economic motives for illegal aliens. Brutal, punitive fines for those who hire illegal aliens. Severe penalties for those caught smuggling people across the border.

3) Mandatory reporting of illegal aliens for nearly every government official, at all levels, and those licensed by the government in other areas. No sanctuaries within our borders.

Doing anything else is grotesquely, criminally negligent. The current system is so horribly broken that it has become a de facto form of slavery. We need to destroy the enticements and punish those currently gaming the system for their own obscene ends.

I put forth my own plans for immigration reform here, and no one has seriously challenged it. But as long as the current situation continues, we might as well call our current immigration policy “The Modern-Day Slavery And Serial Killer Full Employment Policy.”

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