Mayor Nagin to White people: Screw You

Mayor Nagin, who owes his term in office to support from most of the white community in New Orleans, has officially told them to go to hell.

Lakeview has 18,000 upper middle class homes in it. — I’m sorry, Lakeview HAD 18,000 upper middle class homes in it. In generic terms, you would call it the “white” section of town. While Nagin is anxious to appoint race baiters to his panel on rebuilding New Orleans, he told the white people “Screw You.”

Lakeview residents feel shut out by city
Few officials show up at rally near 17th St. Canal

As they stood in a Metairie parking lot no more than a block from the 17th Street Canal, hundreds of displaced Lakeview residents vented their frustration Saturday that they were still shut out of their neighborhood and felt shut out of plans for its future.

Cherie Melancon France, 28, a stay-at-home mother, organized the gathering dubbed “Back to the Breach” after weeks of messaging fellow Lakeview evacuees on the Internet. She said they wanted to demand access to their likely ruined homes and to hear from city officials involved in preliminary rebuilding discussions. …

Some in the audience grumbled afterward about the poor showing of public officials.

Nagin e-mailed the group last week to say he wouldn’t attend the meeting, first saying that any gathering in Lakeview was unsafe. When organizers made clear that the meeting would be on the Metairie side of the 17th Street Canal, he wrote: “I am not interested in meeting in Metairie with New Orleans residents. If you want me there, find a location in New Orleans.

So let me see if I get this right…. Mayor Nagin, who already purchased a house in Dallas freaking Texas, can’t be bothered to cross the 17th street canal to meet his fellow New Orleanians. (who BTW would LOVE to meet him in Lakeview but he won’t let them.) He managed to get his butt to Dallas freaking Texas but he can’t meet the citizens of Lakeview because they are on the other side of a 200 foot long bridge?

He didn’t go to Baton Rouge after the storm, he didn’t go to Jefferson, he didn’t even go to the Central Business District where FEMA was. He BOUGHT a house in Dallas freaking Texas. He didn’t even RENT a house, in Dallas, he BOUGHT a house in Dallas freaking Texas.

But he can’t cross a bridge to meet the people from Lakeview.

While other sections of town that still have water in them are open to residents, Nagin is keeping Lakeview, which is dry, closed and refusing to even tell people why.

I can’t tell you how sad this makes me. New Orleans really (despite CNN’s coverage) had few racial problems before this storm. As I said, white people overwhelmingly supported Nagin during the election. I have no idea why he is doing this but it is impossible not to see the racial overtones in his behavior in the last few weeks.

New Orleans is at a cross roads. It’s success is far from assured. And so far Nagin is doing everything he can to piss of the people who will rebuild the city.

Update: One of the commenters has mentioned that Nagin’s spokesperson has said he was renting in Dallas and that multiple reports are wrong. I assume that is correct. (for now) Still, couldn’t he find something at least in the same state?

Update 2: I was highly annoyed and when I read that quote in my morning paper. I used some language that was more coarse than I probably should have. I’ve cleaned it up a bit. Sorry

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