A modern-day horror story

Last week, the Boston Globe ran a touching story of a Hurricane Katrina refugee. Dionne White, 37, who was pregnant when she fled, gave birth to a son that she named “Cape Cod Bannister,” or “C.C.” for short.

But when you get past the aww factor, Ms. White turns out to be a poster child for just what the hell is wrong with so much of society today.

Ms. White’s son, Cape Cod, is her thirteenth child. She had her first at the age of 15. By 18, she had three more, and the state took all of them and put them up for adoption.

So she learned her lesson. She had three more kids, and the state took those and put them up for adoption, too.

She tried to support herself, though. She had a brief career as a nursing assistant, but apparently found it more profitable to be a baby factory. She went on welfare, then got herself diagnosed as disabled through “depression” and got handouts for that, too.

She then met James Bannister, a guy 16 years her elder. They had a lot in common — he was a longshoreman, but also collecting disabilty payments. And then they started popping out more kids. She tried birth control, but couldn’t be bothered to take her pills regularly. The two had six more children together — apparently that kept them so busy, they couldn’t find the time to formalize their relationship and un-bastardize them.

Now her dream is a big house in Boston, for her and her 13 children (and, maybe, Mr. Bannister, on occasion). A big house, paid for by someone else (meaning you and me). Supported by someone else (again, meaning you and me). There’d be more children, too, supported by someone else (yes, you and me), but she’s agreed to a tubal ligation once she’s recovered from this latest birth. Maybe. Unless she changes her mind.

This piece in the Globe is the antithesis to the George Will piece I cited recently. Will gives a formula that, if followed, will prevent, mitigate, or alleviate a great deal of poverty in America today. But here we have the classic answer to Will:

Why bother?

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