Tom's Texas Trash Talking

NRO’s Media Blog recaps Rep. Tom DeLay’s appearance on CNN’s Situation Room (with video), were he attacks DA Ronnie Earle as a as a vicious partisan. Stephen Spruiell’s opinion is the Earle’s battle is over – he won by getting an indictment – and it’s all over for him from here on out.

While DeLay may be feeling a bit emboldened by the revelations about Earle (movie crews?), TalkLeft’s Jeralyn Merritt (herself a criminal defense attorney), has some pretty good advice for DeLay.

Memo from TalkLeft to Mr. DeLay: If you want to keep your lawyer, who is the finest you will ever get, pay attention to – and give primary consideration to – what he tells you over and above what your political advisors and p.r. people tell you. Your lawyer is concerned about your legal liability and your exposure to a jail sentence. Your P.R. people are concerned about re-establishing your reputation once you are found not guilty. Without a great lawyer behind you, that day may never come for you. Lawyers don’t like it when their clients speak to the media out of turn. Especially when they brag like children on a school playground: “My lawyer’s better than your lawyer, nah-nah.” It’s also pretty low class.

Your best bet is to act humbly, like a wrongfully charged man, and simply say have confidence that your lawyer will straighten this all out so that the people finally know the truth. And don’t say what that truth is, in case, it doesn’t come to pass the way you are hoping.Given the Texas-sized ego’s involved I somehow anyone involved in this case is going to go silent.

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