Blah, Blah, Roberts Vote, Blah

Update: Roberts is confirmed, 78-22.

Update 2:

Update 3: Paul at PowerLine thinks the Dems have changed the rules of engagement.

In a hilarious illustration of the Senate’s self-absorption, Harry Reid and everyone else will be talking all morning long before they actually vote on the foregone conclusion of Roberts’ confirmation.

On C-SPAN right now, Reid is spouting off about how unfit Roberts is while the graphic next to his head displays the announced votes for and against the good judge:

Y=77, N=21

Here’s live video of the proceedings if you’re so inclined…. Right now, Harry Reid is “deeply concerned” about the memos Roberts wrote 23 years ago and the unfortunate attitude toward women and minorities exhibited therein. He’s got 15 minutes to change some minds and hearts. Good thing he’s such an inspiring orator.

I’ll check back after the vote.

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