Disturbing music

I am absolutely no fan of goth music. It annoys me, it irritates me. The tones are offensive, the lyrics pretentious and overblown and self-indulgent, the rhythms assaulting, and the whole culture distasteful.

That being said, I find myself strangely drawn to one of the more preeminent bands of the whole Goth movement.

I was first exposed to “Disturbed” when I saw a fan-made video for “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.” Someone had taken a bunch of video clips of Willow and her most powerful (and darkest) moments as a witch, and set them to “Down With The Sickness.” A truly ugly montage, set to extremely ugly music, but it somehow worked.

Next, on the Muzak at work, I happened to hear a couple of covers of 80’s hits I rather liked. One was a punked-up version of Don Henley’s “The Boys Of Summer,” but the other was a (dare I say it) “Disturbing” cover of Tears For Fears’ “Shout.” Again, somehow, it worked for me.

Then I discovered Richard Cheese, the guy who does Vegas lounge versions of music that really shouldn’t lend itself to such treatment. Including a version of “Down WIth The Sickness” that is so wrong that it was featured in the recent remake of “Dawn Of The Dead.”

But now it’s gotten personal.

A friend of mine played a track from Disturbed’s latest album. The opening sounded vaguely familiar. I kept listening, and a little voice kept telling me I KNEW this song…

No. No. NO!!!!!!!

Yes. They’ve covered “Genesis.” I was listening to a remake of “Land Of Confusion.” And again, I found myself liking it.

However, I think they succumbed to the popularity of the song, fueled by the “Spitting Image” puppets in the video (including a Mike Rutherford with an extremely phallic nose). I think they’d have been better doing “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” or the “Domino” suite from that album.

And no, I’m NOT buying their album.

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