Stupid is as stupid does. II

Paul Derangement Syndrome is spreading. And this one is just unbelievable. Chad is bent out of shape because I called him a dumbass.

Well let’s see why. Chad who is from Seattle “Washinton” [sic] is telling me in the comments.

but that isnt what the offical said. He said there was no flooding in New Orleans proper which as I understand it could be correct, and that…

The grammar, capitalization, punctuation and the fact that Chad can’t spell the name of his own home state not withstanding, Chad, who lives in Seattle Washinton, [sic] is telling me that the flooding in the 9th ward is not in New Orleans proper.

Or to put it another way, a guy from Seattle Washinton [sic] is telling me -a guy who lived in the 9th ward for 20 years- that it is not in New Orleans. I have not been there for over a month so maybe they moved it, but when I lived there, it was indeed in New Orleans.

I really try to have some patience with people in comments but when people simply spout off about things they know nothing about (and refuse to google up) I simply have no patience for them. I’ve taken some heat for not suffering fools gladly in the last few days. Perhaps now you know why.

If Mount St. Helens erupts, I can promise you that I won’t be arguing with Chad about which part of Washinton [sic] State that blew up. And if I ever do, you have every right to call me a dumbass.

Things Are Getting Back to Normal in New Orleans
Only in Massachusetts...


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