"…and your little dog, too!"

We’ve all seen the devastation wrought by two major hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, and we’ve all seen the havoc wreaked on people driven to flee from it. So what’s an appropriate response?

More laws!

I swear, sometimes I feel guilty about bashing Massachusetts. And then someone from that state does something that just reaffirms all my previous opinions.

This time, it’s Congressman Barney Frank. He’s one of five Congressmen who filed a bill to help regulate evacuations in case of emergencies. And what great innovation do these fine solons wish to mandate now?

They want to withhold federal moneys for any state that doesn’t include pets in its evacuation plans.

That’s right. If your state decides that it would rather save human beings, and in that process choose to save a seat for a person instead of a cat, or a dog, or a goat, or a snake, or a bird, (all in appropriate and bulky carriers, I presume), the federal government does NOT approve and will take away their money.

The sponsors cite the abandoned animals in the disaster areas, and the people who refused to evacuate without their pets.

My answer: screw them. It’s brutal, but it’s reality: human life means more than animals.

And if I end up being one of those denied a place because Granny needed my seat for Fluffy and Mittens and Mr. Froo-Froo, those sponsors better goddamned PRAY that the disaster gets me.

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