New Orleans Officials: No Breach in Levee

I just want to make sure you all get this message loud and clear… All of you who are watching CNN or FOXNews might be under the mistaken impression that there was some sort of problem with the levees in New Orleans. There is no problem with the levees. -Who are you going to believe, the local New Orleans officals or your lying eyes.

Rita floods Chalmette again but no levee breech yet

NEW ORLEANS — The reported Industrial Canal levee breech is not from a new break in the levee, said John Bradberry of the Louisiana Department of Transportation. The waist-deep flooding today in the 9th Ward is caused by Hurricane Rita pushing waters over the top of the levees, he said.

“The 17th Street Canal and the London Avenue breaches are secure. We do not see any flooding in New Orleans proper. It’s raining in the area but there is no flooding on the lake at all from these areas.”

In Plaquemines and St. Bernard parishes, there were 27 levee breaches after Hurricane Katrina, including eight imposed to help with draining.

“All have been repaired to some degree,” he said. “The nature of the flooding we have today flowing into Chalmette through the breech experienced in the Industrial Canal is an over-the-top breech.”

Bradberry said he expects the flooding to subside in about two hours after Rita passes and the wind changes.

Got that? There is no flooding in New Orleans and any flooding that is in New Orleans will be gone in a 2 hours. Pay no attention to the live video.

Remember when we all made fun of Baghdad Bob? “There is no flooding in the streets of New Orleans- Now excuse me while I get in my boat.”

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