Hurricane refugee update

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, our own Paul became our “man on the scene” for news. And later, he became our “man hauling ass away from the scene” when he joined the ranks of the displaced, with reports from the field.

We’ve done our share, I think. So for Hurricane Rita, we’ve decided to outsource those duties.

Wizbang Guest Blogger Emeritus Will Franklin, apparently following the “lightning never strikes the same place twice” theory, planned to flee Houston for Louisiana. And now it looks more and more like Rita’s heading to cut him off on the pass.

And the inimitable Laurence Simon is also heading for cover, but leaving behind a live catcam and a listing of good sources for Houston info. And he’s posted a handy guide to exactly what constitutes a Cat 1 through a Cat 5.

Those so inclined, please offer a few prayers for these two guys, their families, and all the others living in Rita’s path. And those not so inclined, think kind thoughts.

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