Flying Into The Eye Of The Storm

Joe McGee stands in the pounding surf at the Southern Most Point in Key West, Fla. Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2005, as Hurricane Rita neared the lower Florida Keys. (AP Photo/J. Pat Carter)

So maybe I’m not as stupid as this guy, but I do have a flight home from my Midwest work stint Friday evening that connects in Houston. In hindsight, calling this a unfortunate reservation choice seems like an understatement, but two weeks ago it was a decent option since it allowed me access to the Presidents Club.

Anyone familiar with the airline industry has probably already guessed that I’m flying Continental. Holding a Continental ticket right now for travel Thursday through Monday is particularly risky since Houston is their primary hub and headquarters. The good news is they’ve suspended the penalties for changing your reservation, but the bad news is that it’s damn near impossible to do so. If you can get through on their reservation line your estimated wait times are anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. Maybe they’re all bugging out too…

At this point I’ve got two choices: 1) Try to get my flight changed to not connect via Houston (a practical impossibility on Continental from a feeder city), or 2) Suck it up and buy a one way ticket on another airline. If I chose the second option I’ll probably get screwed on the Continental ticket.

Choices, choices.

How bad could it be at Bush Intercontinental Airport Friday night at the Presidents Club? They’ve got plenty of peanuts and a fully stocked bar… There are worse places to be stuck…

Update: I was on hold while I wrote this… I finally got through and, long story short, I won’t be riding out the storm in Houston after all. Another person (perhaps) having second thoughts about staying in Houston is TBIFOC’s Laurence Simon.

For God and Country
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