Air America Scandal – Still Not Hot Enough For Howard Kurtz

The Air America Scandal story has been floating around the blogoshpere for a few months, yet the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz hasn’t yet addressed the story. While I’ll cut him some slack for being on vacation most of that time, he’s been back in print for a few weeks and hasn’t even managed to mention that the network “borrowed” $850,000 from the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club (who received most of their funding from state and federal grants); and after claiming no knowledge of the loans, then no legal responsibility for repaying the loans, agreed to hold the money in their own escrow account.

Yesterday the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club became the Gloria Wise Club after the national Boys & Girls club revoked their charter as a result of the scandal, yet still the story hasn’t appeared in Kurtz’s Media Notes or Media Notes Extra.

For someone who’s written a book on the talk radio industry, Kurtz’s lack of coverage is puzzling. I bet if the scandal involved other big names in talk radio he would have addressed it by now.

Michelle Malkin and Brian Maloney have the latest news in the ongoing saga of Air America’s financial house of cards – their new Air America Associates program.

You can get caught up on the details of the story in our Air America Scandal archives.

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