Raising a stink

Lving in New Hampshire, I’ve had the chance to encounter various and sundry forms of wildlife in the wild. I’ve seen deer, bears, beavers, chipmunks, and all sorts of critters. And of all the animals I’ve seen, the single most arrogant, fearless, and overconfident has to be the skunk.

The skunk has been equipped with the best self-defense mechanism short of an AK-47. Its musk is universally known and feared, and when threatened often just has to turn its tail and even the most determined predator will reconsider and go look elsewhere for lunch.

This has led the skunk to fear nothing, to simply go where it wants when it wants, and expecting all others to give it a wide berth and get the hell out of its way.

Unfortunately, this often includes highways. And it explains that the most common species I’ve seen as road kill is the mephitis mephitis.

I just wish I could see them in time to close my car’s vents.

Geez, I hope the Department of Homeland Security doesn't read this entry...
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