Geez, I hope the Department of Homeland Security doesn't read this entry…

I often get ideas for postings when I’m nowhere near a computer. Of late, I’ve been using my cell phone’s voice memo function to save them for later use. I also give them short or nonsensical titles, as I’m rather lazy.

Yesterday, while on the road, I had two ideas come to me. The first was about comparing Hurricane Katrina’s effects on New Orleans with a nuclear attack. Then, shortly thereafter, I spotted my third dead skunk on the highway, and dictated a quick reminder about that into my phone.

Last night, I reviewed my notes, and it occurred to me that I probably shouldn’t have two voice memos on my phone with the titles “Nuke” and “Pu” right next to each other.

They’re deleted now, but I hope that if my phone had fallen into the hands of the police, they’d LISTEN to the “Pu” memo before they hauled me off to Gitmo…

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