Roberts Hearing: Paris Hilton in the Congressional Record

Sorry I’m late with this, but between the birth of PMS Federline, the break-up of Kenny and Renee, and working on this column, this week has been hectic.

The last day of questioning was fairly uneventful. Some of my favorite parts:

Dick Durbin brings Paris Hilton into the Congressional Record:

I sent a letter to the attorney general yesterday applauding the fact that the Justice Department had, in fact, successfully prosecuted, in Massachusetts, a person who had hacked in and stolen the telephone records of Paris Hilton. And I asked the attorney general to please ask our special counsel in this case to take a look at the precedent of the Paris Hilton case and see if he can perhaps protect our records as much as we want to protect that poor young lady’s telephone records.

He was talking about Memogate (not Rathergate) for some reason. Nicole Richie’s gonna be so jealous.

Sen. Feinstein apparently thinks she’s interviewing President Bush:

FEINSTEIN: Do you believe you were wrong?

ROBERTS: Senator, on the underlying question…

FEINSTEIN: Could you say you were wrong if you believed you were wrong?

Say you’re wrong Bushitler! Say you’re wroooooong!

Jeff Goldstein got his hands on Feinstein’s crib notes (not a euphemism).

Meanwhile, Glenn Reynolds thinks he’s found a damning quote from Roberts.

Tim says Roberts testified for 22 hours, and compares that to the testimony lengths of other justices. (again, not a euphemism)

PowerLine has been impressed with the performances of Specter and Leahy.(get your minds out of the gutter, already!)

I have too, except that Leahy added that last "Katrina" to the Katrina tally on Day 3:

Suppose the government — I’ll use something like Katrina. Suppose they felt that the rescue operations of the government, whether it’s state, local or federal, was being handled in an inept way, or evacuees are being mistreated. Does that give them a right to bar the media, who may want to expose that?

That makes 9 references total in the hearings, so I’ll have to update the tally. Let me know if I missed any.

Manny Miranda did a good job of summing up the first day’s witnesses.

Sam Brownback has already moved onto the next nominee, saying he or she must have a clear record on Roe, so I guess this thing’s pretty much sewn up.



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