"Suffer the little children?"

Yesterday, the Boston Herald had a story that I almost covered, but eventually skipped it. It was about a kid going berserk on a school bus, attacking people with a broomstick and beating them until repeated 911 calls summoned the police. The kid , who attends a school for students with behavioral, emotional and leaning needs, was taken into juvenile custody.

It turns out that there was a bit more to the story. This morning, the Boston Herald has a followup: the kid’s grandmother is outraged — outraged — that the 170-pound kid who beat two adults with a broom handle spent the night in juvenile hall. After all, she says, is that any way to treat a 10-year-old in the fourth grade?

It’s a tough call. The cops, apparently, looked at the kid, figured at his size he had to be a teenager, and treated him accordingly. The kid apparently didn’t gainsay them, nor did anyone on the scene. It wasn’t until later that his true age came out.

While I’m not exactly sanguine about ten-year-olds spending the night in lockup, I think I can make an exception for this delightful collection of snips and snails and puppydog tails. He was arrested two years ago for a similar incident, and his grandmother (no mention of his parents, I note) strikes me as far too eager to excuse and rationalize his assaults, rather than actually dealing with him before he seriously hurts someone.

I dunno what ought to be done with him. But I feel comfortable that the approach his grandmother has been using isn’t working, and will eventually end up with someone getting hurt — or killed.

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