Howard Dean's Phony Groundswell Against John Roberts

Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean wants you to send letters to the editor of all your local newspapers about Supreme Court Chief Justice nominee John Roberts. Predictably, Dean want you to oppose a Senate confirmation vote – a vote Roberts is sure to prevail in.

Dean’s so desperate for your help that, in addition to his own op-ed (see below), he’s pre-written a letter for you to send. The basic contents of the letter are shown below.

John Roberts may be managing to artfully dodge question after question at his confirmation hearings, but he can’t avoid what he’s written in the past.

Roberts’ writings as an attorney in the Reagan administration have shed light on his sense of fairness, equality, and compassion — all things that make this country and its people great. As more continues to come out about his record, it becomes more evident that he holds a deep indifference and callousness toward the most vulnerable in our country — something that the American people rejected long ago.

He’s a sharp political mind, to be sure. Smart and savvy, Roberts has used his skills as a lawyer to skate around many of the questions that would expose his cold views on fairness and equal protection under the law. But there are plenty of other smart, savvy people already working in Washington who have done nothing to make our lives better, and John Roberts is no different.

As an American who believes in moral fairness, equality and compassion, I urge the Senate to reject John Roberts.Since the link to the letter writing factory was just sent out, none of the major (or minor) daily newspapers have yet fallen for the trick, but you can be sure some probably will. You can keep track of which papers fall for the phony community groundswell act with the following Google News search: “John Roberts may be managing to artfully dodge question after question at his confirmation hearings”, or this RSS feed.

If op-ed editors are doing their job the only result that should be returned from that search should be this Wizbang article…

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Dean’s op-ed doesn’t quite match up to the e-mail he sent to supporters. Here’s a section from the op-ed:

Judge Roberts is said to love the law, but loving the law without loving the American people enough to protect their individual rights and freedoms will make our American community weaker. And the exercise of the law without compassion — something that Judge Roberts and so many on the far right have consistently been guilty of — undermines the grace and wisdom of the founders whose sense of balance and fairness made this country great.

Here’s how it’s written for the Kos crowd:

John Roberts may have a sharp legal mind, but his record shows that he lacks a sense of justice.

The skills John Roberts displays are like those of White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove or House Republican Leader Tom DeLay. Both of those men have sharp political minds — they are among the smartest in Washington. But they use those skills to push a narrow ideology and win at any cost. Roberts has spent a career using the law to protect corporate interests and roll back the rights that protect us all.

Roberts, Rove, DeLay and the rest of the extremist Republican leadership all have the same problem. They abuse their power by pursuing ideological crusades — and they ignore the real problems we face as a country and as a community.

Thousands of letters appearing in papers across the country will reach every American with our message — that the time for narrow ideology and protecting the rights of only a few is over.

It remains to be seen if the nations op-ed editors will let that canned message be seen…

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