When real life intervenes

Kevin and I have discussed it many times and we aren’t ones to announce that we won’t be blogging due to our schedule. [aside from big things like a vacation or something, I’m talking day to day] We just do or best and try to get one of the other Wizbangers to mind the fort while we are busy. This week is somewhat different.

I’ve tried, although I’ve been extreamly busy, to give Wizbang readers a view of the Hurricane events they can’t get the national media this week. I’ve tried to post more in the last few days than I normally do… But real life just got in the way.

I just received word that a very dear friend died yesterday. And frankly, I don’t much feel like talking. (blogging)

I was working on a few posts detailing more of my personal experiences thru this storm and some of the more gripping stories I’ve heard from my fellow refugees… Those will have to wait a few days.

I’ll be back with my rant-o-meter on high, but for now, I need a break.

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