Senatorial Weather Girls: The Katrina Tally


Democrats: 4 citings, Republicans: 0

Kennedy: “…we are all created equal. Our commitment to this founding principle is especially relevant today. Americans are united as rarely before in compassion and generosity for our fellow citizens whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Katrina.”

“The powerful winds and floodwater of Katrina tore away the mask that has hidden from public view the many Americans who are left out and left behind.”

“But the tragedy of Katrina shows in the starkest terms why every American needs an effective national government that will step in to meet urgent needs that individual states and communities cannot meet on their own.”

Biden: “There are those who would slash the power of our national government, fragmenting it among the states. Incredibly, some have even argued that the Constitution eliminates the federal government’s ability to respond to disasters like Katrina.”


Democrats: 4 citings, Republicans: 0

Kennedy: “The stark and tragic images of human suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina have reminded us yet again that civil rights and equal rights are still the great unfinished business of America.”

Kohl: “Judge, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we all saw that those who suffered the most were those who had not been able to take advantage of the great opportunities that our great country has to offer.”

“As you seek to become the head of the judicial branch, as you seek the position of chief justice of the United States of America, what role would you play in making right the wrongs revealed by Katrina?”

Feingold: “Television plays an enormous role in providing information and bringing the country together in times of national pride, like the liftoffs and the landings of spacecrafts and presidential inaugurations, political conflict, like the 2000 election, and the 1999 impeachment trial President Clinton, the great tragedy of September 11th and the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina.”

This is tentative, as I have yet to see a Schumer transcript. But once I get it finalized, maybe Will Franklin can make up one of his cool charts for my stats. That would be way classy. I’ll keep track throughout the week. Let me know if I miss any from either side of the aisle.

Miscellaneous updates from the end of today’s round of questions:

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  • Feingold was fair, not hysterical.
  • Schumer was a little grating, but not intolerable. He asked a couple of silly questions, such as whether Roberts regretted using the term “amigos” in a brief more than 20 years ago. He followed that question up with this blockbuster: “Don’t you think some people might find it offensive?” But he ended with a pretty good conversation about the Commerce Clause.
  • It occured to me, sometime during the many hours of senatorial bloviating that it’s going to be very hard for the Dems to argue that Roberts didn’t give them enough answers when they just wouldn’t stop talking. Schumer talked about how and when Roberts was invoking the Ginsburg precedent for a good five minutes when he could have been asking more questions.
  • It looks like the rest of the Dems didn’t want to come off looking like Biden, who definitely did more damage to his own image than Roberts’. Hugh Hewitt thinks the fix is in already, and the lefty activists are hopping mad about it.
  • Matt Margolis notes a fair and balanced AP headline from earlier today, and Tim Chapman noticed a theme in the MSM headlines this afternoon.
  • Tim also has pics of the pro- and anti-Roberts demonstrators (both crowds are pretty thin).
  • In case you’re wondering, I haven’t blogged much about the Republicans because they’re using their time to bolster Roberts’ arguments and let him talk about what a nice guy he is. It’s a good use of the time, but not as fun to write about.
  • And, I almost forgot tell y’all that I helped host the Cotillion today. You should definitely head over there for a break from all this SCOTUS stuff. And check out my lovely co-hostesses as well: TFS Magnum, Portia Rediscovered, and e-Claire.
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