Kyl and Kohl Play Nicely

Jon Kyl hit Roberts with a few more softballs, letting him tell a little about his pro bono work. He asks what a judge’s role is in promoting freedom and progress.

Roberts: “It is a judge’s role to be on the side of the Constitution.”

Herbert Kohl looks more like a Democrat who wants to be president than Joe Biden does. He asked tough questions, demagogued the Katrina issue a bit, but was overall much more respectful of the nominee than any of the other Dems have been. I had to read the captions instead of listening to some of it, so I could be mistaken, but it looked very civil from what I saw.

As a result, I think he got better answers from Roberts than the other Dems, but as noted before, they don’t really want answers. Kohl also allowed Roberts to finish every one of his sentences, if I’m not mistaken. Well done, Sen. Kohl. The whole exchange was pretty interesting, as opposed to cringe-inducing.

Here’s what Roberts had to say about using foreign law in Supreme Court decisions, in response to Kohl.

Some friends in the Senate also sent over this rebuttal to Biden’s and other Dems’ attacks on Roberts with regard to gender equity issues (you know how he hates women, right?).

Senators Biden and others have attacked John Roberts today on gender equity issues. The basic allegation has been that John Roberts “criticized state efforts to battle sex discrimination, calling programs promoting affirmative action and comparable worth ‘highly objectionable’ in his legal advice to President Reagan.”

In other news, Andrew at Confirm Them is not encouraged by Roberts’ answers this morning. And, SCOTUS Blog is liveblogging.

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