Biden Forgets His Manners

Wow, Joe Biden kept it entertaining by outdoing even Kennedy for pomposity and self-righteousness.

He spent eight minutes guffawing at his own jokes before he even asked a question, and then kept cutting off Roberts’ answers so that he could pose more questions within his allotted time. It should be clear to anyone listening that these guys aren’t interested in posing questions that get answers. They’re only interested in posing questions that paint Roberts as some kind of Neanderthal.

When their time starts to run out, they forgo the formality of letting Roberts answer and cut him off so they can ask more questions about why Roberts is such a Neanderthal.

Biden also tried to rake Roberts over the coals on a position he took on Title IX in 1982. The Reagan administration interpreted Congress’ law one way and the Supreme Court agreed with the administration’s position, which Roberts articulated. Once Roberts pointed out that Congress had written the law that way and the Supreme Court agreed that Roberts was right about its interpretation, Biden’s criticism fell a little flat.

I’ll update with some of the rudeness from the Biden transcript.

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