Oh, who gives a damn what the people want?

As I noted last week, there’s a petition drive to put gay marriage on a statewide referendum going on in Massachusetts right now. And it looks like they’ll get the signatures to put it before a Constitutional Convention.

But while those who oppose gay marriage have been going for quantity of supporters, the advocates have gone for quality of supporter. And it looks like the gay marriage backers just might have won.

Before a measure can be put before the people in the Bay State, it has to garner enough signatures on petitions. And then it also has to survive a vote by the Legislature — and those opposing the referendum seem to have swayed enough legislators to kill the move at that stage.

This should come as no great surprise. The Massachusetts legislature is too busy dealing with far more important matters — such as finding new ways to raise taxes and raise their own salaries — to be trifled with such petty concerns. It was precisely their inaction that led the Supreme Judicial Court to legalize gay marriage from the bench in the first place.

I think I have a solution, though. Obviously the government of Massachusetts is failing its citizens. In light of the criticism President Bush is receiving over Hurricane Katrina, he should take control of the Commonwealth, dismiss the Governor, legislature, and courts. Then he should re-appoint Governor Romney as Governor General of the state, to rule by fiat, until such time as the Commonwealth’s Constitution can be re-worked to be more responsive to the people.

Oh, and while he’s at it, maybe he can do something about those walking embarassments that are the Commonwealth’s two Senators

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