Karl Rove: wonderful human being who's kind to children and puppies

I’ve been reading around about Hurricane Katrina and the federal response, and I gotta tell ya — I have newfound respect for Karl Rove.

First, he steered a hurricane into almost — but not quite — scoring a direct hit on New Orleans.

Then, he arranged for a couple of the dikes to collapse the day after the storm.

Then, he engineered the mayor of New Orleans (a Democrat) into utterly abandoning the city’s evacuation plan — a plan Rove had sabotaged into utter ineffectiveness long before.

Next, he coerced Louisiana’s governor (a Democrat) into stalling on the state’s response, hemming and hawing until the worst of the disaster had passed. He also got her to order the National Guard to keep the American Red Cross from delivering food, water, and ice to the people stranded at the Superdome.

The only part of his plan that didn’t work was when some boob at FEMA didn’t swoop in and save the day as fast as everyone demanded, letting the federal government play the hero. At that point, Rove reached into his files (which I suspect he acquired from J. Edgar Hoover), took out the proof that Michael Brown had lied on his resume’, and promptly threw him to the wolves at Time Magazine.

Man, he’s scary. I ain’t never gonna say nothing bad about Turd Blossom ever again.

Okay, wise guy, what would YOU have done?
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