BlogAds Temporarily Removed

I’ve temporarily removed the BlogAds network ad serving code at Wizbang, as the BlogAds domain is unreachable from several portions of the Internet. An informal survey of bloggers shows that some can access, while others cannot.

If you’re running BlogAds on your site your pages may be subject to excessively long page load times for some readers. As with all such observations, your mileage may vary, but it’s worth noting that if your readers can’t reach the BlogAds site your pages will timeout while they try to load your site…

Update: One possible answer to what appears to be an uneven outage is that they (or one of their upstream providers) are a victim of the LA blackout.

Update 2: They were not hacked, as is claimed here. A visit to the Pressflex domain indicates the company has always been based out of Hungary.

Final Update: Henry Copland of BlogAds tells me the problem is related to a DNS change entered incorrectly. The change has been corrected, but it takes a long time for the corrected entry to propagate throughout the Internet. This explains why some people are able to get to the site, while others are not. The BlogAds weblog has more details (if you can get to it).

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