Dems Answer to Katrina? More Government of Course

This is simply amazing…. In the wake of one of the most horrific examples of governmental failure ever, we get mind boggling quotes from Democrats….

John D. Podesta, former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and head of a leading Democratic think tank, says Democrats must start by casting Bush’s brand of conservatism — emphasizing an “ownership society” elevating individualism and private enterprise — as fundamentally flawed and hostile to society’s collective responsibility to help citizens, especially the neediest.

In its place, Podesta says, Democrats must offer an activist, reform-minded government agenda that includes new energy, infrastructure and homeland defense policies.

Katrina “changed the future,” said Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.). “Enough is enough: No more Bush-business-as-usual.”

OK Let’s talk turkey… Who was most affected by this storm? NEWSFLASH: The business owners left town! I was in Memphis 24 hours before the storm hit.


The whole welfare state should be on trial here. It was (overwhelmingly) the people who have been taught their whole lives that someone would “give them a check” who gathered like sheep in the Dome waiting for the government to solve their problems. Guess what? Government, predictably, failed them.

Who in their right mind would argue that the answer to these problems is to make people MORE dependent on government? That’s insanity in its purest form.

The answer isn’t to make poor people more dependent, the answer is to make the poor people more self sufficient! (Amazing I know)

The Democrats don’t want an “ownership society.” Well, guess what? Car ownership made the difference in how some people survived!

Let’s call it like it was… 85% of the people you saw trapped in the Superdome lived in government housing and have for several generations…. Their subsistence is dependent on a getting a government check every month. These people have been taught -by Democrats- that property ownership is overrated… That big government will protect them. Bullshit!

This was brought home by an interview I saw on CNN with a woman airlifted from the Dome to the airport. She was whining that there was a big truck full of water at the airport but the government did not sent enough people to pass the water out. The thought never occurred to her to gather up 2 or 3 people and go see if they could set up a table passing out water to their fellow refugees. She was just sitting in a chair waiting for someone to give her something. She didn’t see herself as someone who could change her position in life, she saw herself as a victim. If I were in her position, I’d get some help, find out who was in charge and get the supplies moving. I wouldn’t be a victim, I’d instantly become a volunteer. But I’m a horrible white republican male business owner who -you know- likes to own things.

Well guess what? My evil white republican ass is sitting in a comfortable apartment hundreds of miles away from the hell the government dependents endured. While they are whining that nobody is taking care of them, I’m trying to figure out how my business is going to be effected -and yes- how much money I’ll make in the next few years. Call me a greedy evil conservative… My family got out safe and sound. -Why?- Because I didn’t wait for anyone else to solve my problem. It wasn’t race or even so much economic status that made the difference in how people got thru the storm… it was attitude and ability.

The people who took it upon themselves to act got thru this storm (just as they get thru life) easier than the people waiting for government to help them. So what do the Democrats want? Less people “elevating individualism and private enterprise” and more people depending on government… Amazing. Simply freaking amazing.

I apologize, I’m on a true rant… But if this does not prove to you forever that the welfare state cripples people’s ability to take care of themselves, then I guess I just can’t help you.

Is anyone too dirty to clean up New Orleans?
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