– Taken by Bush Hating Kerry Supporter?

I noticed in the Carnival of Trackbacks, that was taken. The obvious question is was it taken by someone annoyed by her abject stupidity or a hopeless sycophant? As the bizzy blogger noted, it was registered to one “Polly Stewart” of Lake Charles Louisiana. He tracked her down via domain registration and found anti-administration material on another site, but he couldn’t nail the whole thing down. (follow his links)

I wanted take it a step further… We needed to find a “Polly Stewart” in Lake Charles who is moderately politically active and has some knowledge of how to buy a domain.

A simple google search shows a Polly Stewart in Lake Charles that seems to fit the bill.

She sold bumpers sticker for John Kerry on

She used to run a BBS in the 318 area code so she has the tech background to be able to buy a domain.

Then a “Polly Stewart” from Lake Charles made a post on “” that started, “What did Americans do to deserve this arrogant and hateful president, wearing a mantle of Christianity while caring About no… (see google search)

But there is something even more interesting…. The domain was registered Tuesday, exactly 1 day after the storm blew through. So this charter member of the loony left knew Blanco was dropping the ball, but (apparently) was jumping in to keep a woman in office who killed hundreds (if not thousands) of people.

What a kind and caring liberal Polly Stewart must be. Who cares what happens to black people as long as Democrats stay in office, right? What a picture of compassion.

Is it the same Polly Stewart? Follow all the links and decide for yourself… I know what I think.

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