Adding fuel to the fire

Via the esteemed Michelle Malkin, we find this account by Professor Bainbridge about a news story in the Los Angeles Times that describes a New Orleans flood-prevention project that was stopped by a lawsuit on behalf of a group called Save Our Wetlands.

According to their own site, Professor Bainbridge notes, SOWL has been involved in numerous lawsuits about changes to Lake Pontchartrain, changes that experts say very well could have lessened or even prevented the flooding of New Orleans.

I have my doubts about whether anything could have prevented a strong Category 4 hurricane like Katrina from overwhelming any man-made obstacle, but we’ll never know — thanks to SOWL and the like.

But a little part of me has to wonder if SOWL is now preparing a lawsuit over the zillions of gallons of contaminated, highly-toxic water now being pumped into Lake Pontchartrain as engineers attempt to drain New Orleans…

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